Risk Management

Operational risks are among the most significant risks that plant processing organizations face—the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events.  Ultimately, operational risk is the risk arising from the execution of an organization’s value-creating business functions.

HCG helps its clients sustain and continuously achieve their objectives of generating revenue and delivering value, while protect the people, assets, and environment that are part of operations. We bring comprehensive systems and processes to prevent loss by identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards and managing associated risks.

If your organization has experienced any of the following, we’re here to help:
  • Financial loss and risk of bankruptcy due to a catastrophic event
  • Loss of profits associated with low productivity
  • Right-to-operate impact following injuries despite an overall strong safety performance
  • Loss of customers due to unreliable supplies

HCG’s Risk Management expertise helps our clients:

    • Manage & Mitigate Risk
    • Prevent loss (financial, asset, customer)
    • Control hazards
    • Reduce liability
    • Reduce claims
    • Mitigate automation “cutover” risk factors
    • Minimize risk of right-to-operate impacts
    • Enhance shareholder value and brand