The Value of HCG

Rigorous Methodologies That Lead to Measurable Results

  • Our clients operating process plants achieve a typical return on investment of 3:1 from our reliability methodologies.
  • Our methodologies deliver financial and other corporate benefits within a single accounting period, often with little or no capital spend.
  • Our Best Practices Benchmark process compares your plant’s performance level with other companies in and outside of your industry. It identifies performance gaps and opportunities for improvement, giving you a road map with strategic and tactical plans, financial impacts, deliverables, and timelines for an actionable path forward.

HCG Helps You Keep Your Stakeholders Informed

We don’t just solve tough problems. Our process results in concrete information and documentation you can use to confidently and effectively communicate your strategy, areas of excellence, and operational improvements to internal and external stakeholders, including:

    • Employees
    • Contractors
    • Customers
    • Supply Chain Partners
    • Senior Management
    • Board of Directors
    • Corporate Communications
    • Legal Partners
    • Claims
    • Insurers
    • Auditors
    • Regulators
    • Legislative Bodies