The Houston Consulting Group


We facilitate people, plant, and process improvements to solve
critical operations problems and increase profits.

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The Houston Consulting Group (HCG), is a global professional management consulting and engineering services firm that specializes in hazard and risk management, asset integrity management, and reliability and maintenance management solutions. We offer extensive experience in plant management and operations in processing industries like oil and gas, energy, chemical processing, and process manufacturing.

We help our clients make system improvements to:

• Improve safety and reliability
• Reduce operational costs
• and comply with regulations.


HCG helps our clients ensure that plant personnel are part of the planning and implementation stages for operational improvements; that everyone has clear documentation and training for all work processes; and that everyone understands the plant’s objectives and culture.


Maximizing the received value of plant assets is a key objective that informs all of our assessments, planning, and technical implementation. Our Total Plant Reliability® helps corporations increase profits and maximize production of quality products.


HCG is obsessed with well-planned and well-implemented processes because that’s what makes it possible for our clients to optimize plant efficiency, establish a strong safety culture, mitigate risk, respond responsibly when a crisis does occur, and innovate easily over time for continuous improvement and competitiveness.